About SEO Results4u

We are an SEO Agency based in Birmingham, we are passionate about helping our clients reach the top of search engines and generate a fantastic return on their investment.

Meet the team

John Anderson



John is the captain of the SEO Results4u team, Although he didn't achieve his childhood ambition of being an astronaut as he did however found SEO Results4u and spends his days helping our clients achieve there business ambitions online.

Paresh Parmar



Businessman extraordinaire Paresh lives of clinching the next big client. When he isn't in the SEO Results4u office Paresh prefers to take his collection of sports cars for a spin round the countryside!

Sue Richards


Business Development

Sue loves everything to do with business! Sue is always researching, exploring new ideas and trying to find out new ways of how she can help our clients reach their business goals via online marketing.

Josh Buckle


SEO Manager

Josh likes to keep it relaxed. That’s perhaps why he never achieved his ambition of tearing up the track as a racing driver. These days Josh would rather shake it to the music of his hero Alex Turner, while sipping a cold beer. Bet he looks good on the dancefloor!

Ryan Reidy


SEO Consultant

Ryan's dreams of tearing up St.Andrews as Birmingham City's No.10 are long behind him! Ryan instead spends his days listening to his muched loved vinyl collection and checking out the music scene in Birmingham!

Kyle Stack


SEO Junior

The newest addition to the SEO Results4u team! Kyle has a real passion for everything to do with technology and when he isn’t in the office, you’ll find him cheering on Arsenal praying to put him out of his 14 years of misery and finally win the premier league!

New Team Member


SEO Copywriter

Our 8 time office quiz champion! Matt graduated from Oxford University and had dreams of becoming a famous book author, but for now he spends his days writing awesome content for our client's websites.

New Team Member


Web Developer

James always knew he wanted to be a web developer and fortunately for him he joined SEO Results4u where he maintains and develops countless websites.

New Team Member

Who's Next?

We are always looking for experinced staff who share the same passion and drive as we do! Think you've got what it takes to work at SEO Results4u then send your CV to info@seoresults4u.co.uk