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Recovering from a Google Penalty can seem a daunting process. Let a member of our experienced team get your website back on track.

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Google Panda & Penguin Recovery

Has your company website been hit by one of Google’s algorithm updates? If so, don’t worry. You might have found your site has suffered a bump down the search engine results rankings but all is not lost. A bit of analysis and a new approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will have you back up on the results page rankings and attracting clicks all over again.

Google introduced their Panda algorithm update in February of 2011 and have been tinkering and updating it ever since. Likewise with Penguin, introduced in April 2012 and now in its 3.0 version. These updates were introduced with a simple purpose – to pick up poor quality sites or those that were using methods to cheat the search engines.

Google Panda is reckoned to have affected around 12 per cent of all sites and bumped their ranking down. It was focused on identifying so-called ‘thin sites’. These are typically stocked with advertising, with multiple ads on a page with not much content stuffed in between. Or they are made up of duplicate content taken from other sites and given a poorly disguised rewrite.

Its younger brother, Google Penguin, clamps down on sites using what are known as black-hat SEO techniques. This one is believed to have hit around 3 per cent of sites and penalised them with a knockdown in the search engine rankings.

Black-hat SEO methods include practices like keyword stuffing, using scraper sites that create content by mixing other pages together, and inbound links from duff blog sites. They might have been effective once but these days Google is smart enough to pick them up.

That’s all by way of context so you know what’s penalised you. Recovery starts with diagnosing what it is within your site that has attracted the attention of either Google Panda or Penguin. It could be over optimised content, too many ads, or pages with barely a scrap of useful information. Or you might have pages linked to sites that are now dead. It could a combination of lots of things.

At SEO Results4U we can run analytics on your site and carry out a recovery campaign to get your website fighting fit again. We’ll find out why you’ve been penalised and put the measures in place to ensure your site attracts Google for all the right reasons.

How? It’s just the same as a normal SEO campaign where we replace the faulty content with new material and play around with layouts to ensure your site provides an excellent user experience. We can also develop a social media presence and company blog as search engines love these elements when they contain links back to your main site.

That’s how we build up trust within your website and why the search engine will start to list you higher again in the rankings.