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SEO Results4u specialise in Search Engine Optimisation. We have a team of experienced staff ready to help your website fulfill its potential.

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Skilled Team

We have a team of experienced staff with a combined experience of over 20 years working in digital marketing industry.

Trusted Methods

We only ever use Google's recomended methods and regually update our strategy to ensure your one step ahead of the competition.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on keeping all our SEO clients updated with regular SEO campaign progress reports and quarterly meetings.

Fantastic Return

SEO has the potential to offer a fantastic return on your monthly investment. This is why all of our SEO campaigns our focused on ROI.


So you’ve put in hours and hours of work into building a new website for your company. You’ve got top-notch graphics, you’ve think you’ve included everything that has helped to make your competitors successful and you think it all looks great.

And yet you’re not getting the visitors you were expecting. The time and money you’ve poured into the site have failed to provide a return. So what’s gone wrong? Bad product perhaps or maybe the marketplace is just too crowded?

Well, maybe. But much more likely is that you haven’t used the tricks and techniques of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Most of us today when we’re looking for local business services or shopping for a particular product use search engines.

Google by far is the largest search engine, with a whopping 40,000 searches being carried out every second. But the likes of Yahoo and Bing are also used by millions every day looking for business services. And most of us click straight onto the first site listed on the results page.

At SEO Results4U we offer Search Engine Optimisation services with a focus on securing a big return on your investment. You expect more visitors to your site and we aim to deliver just that – to deliver the highest ranking possible on search engines. We’ll build your online presence, increase the numbers of potential customers checking you out and help boost your bottom-line profits.

How do we do it? Our SEO services start with research. We’ve got tools on hand like Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to help us find out what it is that consumers are searching for similar to your product or services.

We can then build those keywords into the structure of your site like the URLs, headers, and body content. The search engines use algorithms that pick up on the keywords and start to order sites by their relevance to the particular terms.

They’re smart things, the search engines. They also pick up on the quality of your site, the content, multimedia, and user experience. So if you’ve got people clicking on then immediately running backwards to find another provider the search engine will penalise you.

But don’t worry. We’ll make sure you’ve got a quality site that the search engine will respond well to. And we’ll organise a link-building campaign. That means lots of trade directories, quality control organisations, industry bloggers and publications all linking to your company. It builds up the authority of your site in the eye of the search engine.

And all of that boosts your place on the results page. So what do you end up with when you use our SEO services? A smart, user-friendly website optimised with keywords and inbound links, a high ranking with leading search engines, and, most important of all, a good deal of potential customers coming your way.